What Is HIPAA and How Does it Apply to Me

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This Smart Guide will teach you all about the Health Insurance Portability And Accountability Act (HIPAA), who it affects and how it applies to your business.

Specifically, we'll cover:

  • An Introduction To HIPAA - we'll cover a quick introduction and common terminology related to HIPAA.
  • All About HIPAA - this section will introduce you to why HIPAA was created, who is responsible for enforcing it, and how it affects your business.
  • How To Be HIPAA Compliant - this section will provide you a framework for becoming HIPAA compliant.
  • Case Studies & Resources - this section will provide you with additional information and resources on HIPAA.

There are severe penalties for not following HIPAA compliance guidelines or not properly handling Protected Health Information (PHI). Get this guide and make sure you're compliant with the Health Insurance Portability And Accountability Act (HIPAA).

  • An Introduction To HIPAA

    • What Is HIPAA? 

    • Why Does HIPAA Matter?

    • Using This Guide 

    • Key Terminology

  • All About HIPAA

    • When And Why Was HIPAA Enacted? 

    • What Industries Does HIPAA Affect? 

    • What Happens If I'm Not HIPAA Compliant?

    • Who Can Audit You?

    • Financial & Criminal Penalties For Non Compliance

  • How To Be HIPAA Compliant

    • What Measures Should Be In Place? 

    • HIPAA Forms

    • HIPAA Guidelines 

    • HIPAA Training 

  • Additional Resources

    • Case Studies

    • Government Departments

    • Tools And Resources


  • Summary


rated this guide 5 out of 5
rated this guide 5 out of 5