How To Handle A Breach Of HIPAA

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This Smart Guide will provide you with a framework on how to handle a breach of HIPAA.

Specifically, we'll cover:

  • An Introduction To HIPAA - we'll cover a quick introduction and common terminology to HIPAA.
  • How To Determine If You've Had A Violation Of HIPAA - we'll walk you through how to determine if you've had a breach of HIPAA .
  • Who To Notify Of A Breach Of HIPAA - if there has been a breach of HIPAA, and depending on how many people were affected, there will be different courses of action to take.
  • Potential Penalties For Breach Of HIPAA - there are serious civil and criminal penalties associated to breaches and violations of HIPAA.
  • How To Leverage Accountable To Avoid Breach of HIPAA - Accountable can help you avoid and better protect Protected Health Information (PHI) and avoid HIPAA violations.

Get this Smart Guide and be better prepared and protected for potential HIPAA violations.

  • Introduction

    • What Is HIPAA?

    • Why Worry About A Breach Of HIPAA?

    • How To Use This Guide

    • Key Terminology

  • Determine Whether A Breach¬†Occurred

    • Most Common Forms Of Breaches

    • Step 1: Determine Nature & Extent

    • Step 2: Determine The Unauthorized Person

    • Step 3: Determine If PHI Was Acquired Or Viewed

    • Step 4: Risk Mitigation

  • Notification Obligations In The Event Of A HIPAA Breach

    • Notification To Affected Individuals¬†

    • Notification To The Media

    • Notification To The Secretary Of The Department Of Health And Human Services

    • Notification From Business Associates

    • The Privacy Officer

  • What Are The Penalties?

    • Civil Penalties

    • Criminal Penalties

    • Covered Entity And Specified Individuals

  • How To Use Accountable To Avoid A Breach

    • Risk Assessment

    • Employee Training

    • Business Associate Agreement, Policies & Procedures, Assigning Privacy Officer

  • Summary


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